Exhibition Delivery Service in UK

Events and exhibitions are very common for businesses and in most instances, they are time-sensitive. From an event being planned, designed and announced- to the actual event, a participating business must cross several stages and hurdles. One requirement will be getting the necessary items delivered to the venue of the event or exhibition. This is where the Event and Exhibition Delivery Service in UK by SAV Logistics will become indispensable. 

Our Best Event And Exhibition Delivery Service In UK And How They Can Help

After being a part of the logistics industry for years, we understand the time-sensitive and time-critical nature of these events. Hence, our team will work with you to ensure all the items get delivered to the venue in good time and everything runs smoothly. We offer a complete service, including set-up and breakdown of the equipment so you won’t have to worry about getting the items delivered to a venue for an event or exhibition ever again. 

We cover the following categories when it comes to events and exhibitions: 

  • Corporate events 
  • Trade shows 
  • Exhibitions 
  • Music festivals 
  • Theatres 

Best Event And Exhibition Delivery Service in UK Benefits

Here at SAV Logistics, we pride ourselves in offering customers the following benefits:

  • Collection of your consignment at a time specified and convenient to you. 
  • Prompt and efficient delivery of your packages right to the event venue. 
  • Timely return of the packages to your premises.
  • A dedicated fleet that will provide transportation and support. We have multiple vehicles so that if ever one breaks down, you will not have to wait long for help to reach you.
  • We understand the importance of careful shipping for fragile and delicate items. We will ship every item with the utmost care, ensuring they remain properly protected and damage-free. 
  • The vehicles in our fleet are secure, which means the items you are shipping with us will remain safe. 
  • Implementation of the latest technology will ensure you can track the vehicle and your packages throughout the journey in order to help keep your mind at rest.
  • We offer customised services, which allow us to be prepared for every business. We can make the necessary arrangements for whatever event you will be attending and which items you need to ship. No matter what the event is, we will have the solution. From special vehicles to careful handling of the items, from people with specific skills looking after certain aspects of the project to delivery within a certain timeframe, we can provide everything needed to ensure the best delivery possible.
  • Your business may have one or several non-standard requirements. Our customisation facility offers the option to discuss these needs and accommodate them. 

Please contact us via telephone or WhatsApp for the quickest response. Alternatively, you can get a free quote from the website by filling out the necessary forms. Our customer service team of experts will try to answer all your questions regarding the service and what it entails.