Hanging Garment Transport

Courier services are integral to the fashion industry, as manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers use these options to ensure timely delivery of their orders. There are a few details of garment transportation that we understand very well, and they help us offer peerless service to each of our clients. Amongst the courier services we offer is Hanging garment transport which is necessary for many businesses. 

Hanging garment transport
Hanging garment transport
Hanging garment transport

If you are dealing with a garment which cannot be folded or requires proper processing before it can even be transported from one place to another, SAV Logistic is the right option for you. We offer high-quality fashion logistics solutions, and hanging garment transportation is one of them. Whether you are a famous high-end fashion boutique or just beginning your business, we are here to help. 

The Nitty-Gritty Of Garment Transportation

Garment transportation services are a little different than regular courier services because the materials and products we handle require special care. They cannot be put in the cargo container, driven to the destination and delivered to the intended recipient. Every step is vital, from collecting to selecting the right vehicle, from transporting them carefully to ensuring that they reach their recipient in proper condition. Any mistake at any of the steps may destroy the whole order. 

There are several types of garment pieces that should not be folded once they are made and prepared to be worn. They are to be stored and kept in a hanging position at all times. Whether they are being transported, displayed at the store or stored in your wardrobe, these pieces should remain hanging always. We understand such details and have designed our services accordingly to ensure our clients can enjoy the best possible assistance from us. 

Hanging garment transport
Hanging garment transport
Hanging garment transport

Hanging Garment Transport Benefits

By choosing the Hanging garment transport from SAV Logistics, you will receive the following perks and benefits: 

  • A dedicated fashion distribution system including teams specialised in handling your requirement 
  • A fleet of vehicles suitable to carry the items you require to transport 
  • Experience and knowledge to ensure that proper garment processing services for each of the pieces 
  • High-end services at a very competitive price 
  • Around-the-clock availability and guarantee of timely delivery every time 

If you wish to avail our garment transportation service, it is vital to know how to go about the process to ensure hassle-free service every time. Our services are designed to fulfil your requirement because each client is equally important to us, and we understand their unique requirement. Two clients may require the same service, yet there will be minute differences between the two. Our team understands that and customises accordingly to ensure the best service for every order. 

You will have to book our Hanging garment transport service beforehand and provide the necessary details, including pick-up address, destination, cargo size, and more. Once the details are decided, our team will get into the process of selecting the vehicle, the team to manage the transportation and every other detail. With years of experience to back us up, we will never disappoint you. For more information on our services or to hire our assistance, please get in touch with us.