Fixed Contract Work In Uk

After working in the logistics space for years, we at SAV Logistics are at the forefront of the industry and aim to provide the highest quality service, for the most affordable price. We are reputed, reliable, capable and fulfil our deliveries on-time, every time.

Due to our active involvement with the industry, we have learned several things over the years. For instance, Fixed Contract Work In Uk was not as popular when we began trading. Now, with ever-expanding demand, we offer one of the most reliable and popular fixed contract courier services on the market.

Fixed Contract Work In Uk Variations

There are two variations of this service. One is where we can provide you with a contract that will provide you with a regular courier service for an agreed-upon period of time. The other variation is when work is offered to people under a fixed contract. In this iteration, people collaborate with us to make courier deliveries in the area they live (or their area of choice). We will focus on the contract service we create with our clients for regular courier activity in the below section.

How To Proceed With Hiring A Contract Courier Service?

If you wish to hire our fixed contract courier service, you will need to get in touch with us over the phone. One of our capable customer care representatives will guide you through the process, explaining every aspect of the service and what is required from your end. Before the contract can be created, we need to know about the courier service you need.

If it is a kind of service we already provide, we will be more than able to customise the service for you. If it is not something we already offer, we will look at creating a new service for you at our own discretion. We cannot commit to this every time, but we certainly will try our best.

Fixed Contract Work In Uk Detailed Process

Along with information on the service you require, we need to know some other details. Amongst them are- the frequency of the couriers, the size of the consignment, time of collection, location of collection, if you have any special request regarding the vehicle to be used for the delivery and more questions may be asked if required.

Based on this, we of course cannot make a decision within minutes. We will require this type of information from any client, and the client will require a deeper understanding of the service we provide too. Hence, we arrange for a discussion between both parties detailing all the aspects of the Fixed Contract Work and what will and won’t be included in the contract.

How Do We Approach The Fixed Contract Work From Our End?

Besides clients coming to us for a fixed contract offering a reliable and reasonably-priced courier service, we also seek businesses that may require the service from our end too. Before approaching a potential client, we research to understand their business and how a contractual courier service can benefit their organisation. It helps open the discussion and then we can proceed further.

We have a loyal client base who keep returning and hiring our services- they also offer referrals which helps us gain new clients. Word of mouth is extremely important to us and only happens if we provide a top-notch service, which we pride ourselves in delivering! Please call us or send a message on WhatsApp to learn more about our services and opportunities for fixed contract work. The numbers are available on our website.