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All The Reasons Why You Should Choose A Dedicated Courier Service In The UK

When you need a company to handle a delivery, you will usually find two types of services – overnight parcel service and dedicated courier service UK. Many people think both are the same, but in reality, the two services can be surprisingly different!

Overnight parcel service is a delivery method for transporting multiple shipments, divided into smaller multi-drop routes, which can range from 50-150 drops per vehicle. Picked up from central overnight hubs, deliveries are made throughout the day on pre-set local routing schedules. With this delivery method, the customer pays by the weight and size of the parcel.

In comparison, a dedicated courier service in the UK is a similar yet higher security option if you need something delivered urgently.

If you’re looking for a reliable company to provide a top-notch dedicated courier service in the UK, SAV Logistics is where you should look!

We provide the best nationwide courier services and educate our audience on which service to choose. Today, we will talk about how a dedicated courier service is an excellent idea for delivery.

Why Is Overnight Courier Service Not A Good Idea?

An overnight courier service is a delivery mode that can transport multiple shipments quickly and cheaply, both nationally and internationally. It is suitable for low-value, low-risk items that are not time-sensitive. However, it also has many drawbacks that can affect the quality and reliability of the service.

Some of the disadvantages of an overnight courier service are:

  • It does not guarantee a specific time for collection or delivery
  • It only delivers within pre-set schedules that may not suit your needs
  • It has a higher risk of damage or loss due to multiple handling through parcel hubs
  • It does not provide real-time updates on the status of delivery
  • It only delivers during business hours, which may limit your options
  • It is not designed for moving fragile items that require special care
  • It only delivers to a pre-booked delivery point, and you cannot change the delivery address once the parcel is in transit
  • It has drivers who are under pressure to complete allocated deliveries and will not wait at the delivery point for the recipient’s arrival

These factors can make an overnight courier service less convenient and trustworthy than other delivery modes. That’s where choosing a dedicated courier service in the UK becomes the superior choice.

Why Choose A Dedicated Courier Service UK?

A dedicated courier service in UK, like ours, offers a wider range of services, specialising in urgent same-day or next-day shipments that are more time-critical. This includes heavier and bulkier shipments, usually business-to-business (B2B), but also domestic shipments. Drivers will have a smaller workload (5-10 drops per day) than overnight services but will cover many parts of the UK.

A dedicated courier provides a more customised service that can be booked for a delivery or collection at specific times, day or night, not just during business hours. They are also bookable 24/7, meaning they can and will respond to emergency collections like forgotten passports, replacement keys, or medication.

With this delivery method, the customer pays by the mile from the collection postcode to the delivery postcode.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing This Service?

  • Speed – Goods can be picked up and delivered within hours of booking
  • Collection times and delivery times can be chosen, meaning no wasting time
  • Will pick up and deliver at any time of day or night, including bank holidays
  • Can handle emergency deliveries – passports, medication, laptops/phones etc
  • Customers can change the delivery address even when delivery is underway
  • Very low risk of damage – Fragile items can be loaded and delivered on the same vehicle, meaning less chance of breakages
  • No risk of loss – a dedicated vehicle means no parcel hubs are involved in the process
  • Good communication – real-time updates throughout delivery
  • Direct contact can be made with the driver if needed
  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Security – high-value consignments can be tracked, and vehicles can be securely sealed
  • Real-time proof of delivery can be given by phone, text message or email
  • Multiple vehicle options available, from small transit vans to large trucks

Trust SAV Logistics For The Best Dedicated Courier Services UK!

A trustworthy courier will take the time to determine the precise location of heavy or fragile packages rather than simply leaving them at the front door. That’s why we created SAV Logistics in the UK!

Even for items that are too big to mail, we employ specialised machinery and cars to deliver them swiftly and safely. SAV Logistics is a dedicated garment courier logistics company that specialises in dedicated courier services in the UK for both individuals and businesses.

Our amazing team of delivery experts can handle everything you may need to deliver urgently and safely. Contact us today and find the best courier service for all your delivery needs!

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